How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

Data transfer is of great essential in today’s digital life. You may have such a need to transfer your videos from iPhone to computer. Yep, though there are a lot of different methods to copy your iPhone videos to your computer, TunesGo will be the most convenience and comprehensive one. Let’s see how excellent it is.
TunesGo, as an outstanding data transfer software for smartphone, can help cell phone users move data between Android/iPhone/Symbian/Blackberry, iTunes and computer. Multiple types of data are supported, such as transfer text messages from iphone to computer and transfer photos from iphone to pc. of course, if you ask me how to transfer contacts from computer to iphone, I will be glad to tell you that TunesGo can, without any difficulty.
TunesGo – an outstanding video transfer software for iPhone
You will be allowed to transfer videos from iPhone to computer with simple clicks. Read the tutorial below.
Step 1 Install TunesGo on your computer
After downloading TunesGo from our site –, you will be asked to install and launch it on your computer. It supports the latest iPhone 6/6 Plus already which runs iOS 8.1.

Step 2 Use USB cable to connect iPhone 6 Plus to computer
As TunesGo is completely installed and launched, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone 6 Plus to your computer. Within few seconds, your iPhone will be detected and the detailed info will be listed in the interface, including the file types and their quantities. Make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer, otherwise the process can’t be moved on.
iphone video transfer window

Step 3 Copy videos from iPhone to computer
Click “Media” on the left column, and you will see the media files like music, TV shows, movies, Music Videos, etc, shown on the top of the interface. Then, choose “Movies“. Check all the videos that you want to move to your computer and then click “Export to“. In the pull down list, click “Export to my computer“.

transfer videos from iphone to computer

If you have videos that are recorded by iPhone, you can select “Photos” then “Camera Roll”. Then select the videos you want to export like previous step, “Export to” and “Export to my computer”.

transfer camera roll videos

ll done. As you can see, within 3 simple steps, you can transfer your movies from iPhone 6 Plus to computer. It only takes you little time. You may wonder, I can also do this with iTunes, why I should choose TunesGo? Absolutely, iTunes can do this too, but if you have used iTunes, you will find the steps complicated and you may take a risk of losing data. But with TunesGo, there’s no need to worry about the complicated operating and data lose issue. By having a quick glance at our site, you will also learn how to transfer videos from computer to ipad,how to transfer music from ipod to computer, and so on.

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