How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone X/8/7/7Plus/6S/6S Plus

When we change phones we must consider that we may lose the data put away in the old mobile, if we do not backup or synchronize data. Regularly not confounded, but rather so had an one stage to another, for instance from iPhone to Android, things get complicated. However, you were an iPhone user and has been using an Android, you most likely need to transfer all text messages and other data from your old phone to your new one. Despite the fact that this sounds at first like an overwhelming task. However, transferring messages from Android to iPhone is not all that basic on the grounds that the configuration that the iPhone utilized for text messages is not the same as that utilized by Android phones as well.


Quite a bunch of users repeatedly face this problem when switch a device. This is actually pretty simple if you understand the concept of iOS system. Apple iOS operting system is a fully closed system that can’t accept external data and access request. It is truly conceivable to effectively transfer text or other data from iPhone to an Android phone by taking after the following steps with a simple program called Mobiledic Phone Transfer. Check this program even if you need to transfer data (SMS, contacts, music, photographs, features etc.) from iPhone to Android.


In this short tutorial, we’ll try to show it how it works. It’ not a problem, after all.


Tutorial: How to Transfer Text from Android to iPhone X/8/7/7Plus/6/6Plus

Step 1. Install and Run the Program, Connect Two Phones to Computer

First download the program above, simply install and launch the program on your computer, Windows version and Mac version are available for download. Then you will be asked to connect iPhone 6 and Andorid device to the same computer via USB cables. The program will automatically detect your devices.

Mobiledic mobile transfer


Step 2. Analyze All Content on Your Source Andorid Phone

In the main windows, there are four main functions combined into one program. Here you should select the “Phone to Phone Transfer” option to copy the data you need. Once the program detects your phones successfully, you will see source device on the left and the destination one on the right. It will analyze all data stored on your Android phone.


move iPhone contacts to Android


Note: If you need to transfer data back to your Android phone, just simply change the position. You can click “Flip” to easily set your iPhone as the source device.


Step 3. Start Copying Android SMS to New iPhone X/8 7/7 Plus/6

After the analysis of your Android phone, the program will list all the transferable data type between the two phones, just tick the messages or other data type you want to transfer and click “Start Copy“. The process will be done with just a few seconds. Don’t disconnect your phones during the process.


Start Transferring Contacts to Android phone


How long it will take will vary depending on how much data you’re transferring. In my test, we transferred roughly 400MB of files and it took about 2 minutes, I have to say that it’s an irreplaceable tool that can do what you want. We also tested many other apps, we found the transfer is not so easy,  we’ve taken the most difficult steps but still failed, that’s too time consuming, too risky. In short, we think Mobiledic Mobile Transfer program makes your migration from Android to iPhone to be as painless and as easy as possible.


Below are the smartphones and file types supported by Mobiledic Mobile Transfer:

iPhone: X/8/7/7Plus 6S/Plus/6, 5S/5C/5 and 4S/4

Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 4/3, HTC One M9/M8/M7, Moto X/G/E, Sony Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact, LG G3/G2, OnePlusOne and the other 100+ brands and 2000+ models

File Types: Contacts, Text messages, Call History, Music, Photo, Videos and Documents.

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