How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android

You have got all your contacts on your Nokia phone. When you got a new Android phone, you may want to transfer the contacts from your old Nokia phone to the new one. Would you like to transfer all of them directly? Just read the article below.

When you want to transfer the contacts from Nokia to Android phone, you may think transferring them one by one. If you have hundreds of contacts, it will take you a long time to finish it, that just wasting of time. Do you want to transfer them all quickly? Now, we will introduce you an effective transfer tool named MobileTrans. With it, you can transfer all the contacts from Nokia to Android with just one click. Just follow the tutorial to learn how to move contacts from Nokia to Android.

To begin with, you need to download and install the program in your computer. Then run the program and you will see the following interface.

Note: With the programm, you can also backup your phone data to computer, and restore your backups to your phone (for Windows version).

Step 1: Connect your Nokia and Android phone to the computer

Press “Start” to select “Phone to Phone Transfer” Mode in the homepage. Now, you need to connect both your Nokia and Android phone to your computer by the USB cable.

The program will automatically detect the device, and you will see the below window.

nokia to android

Tip: If you find the Nokia phone is shown as the “Destination”, you can press “Flip” button to change the place of two mobile phone.

Step 2: Transfer Nokia contacts to Android

All the data will be listed on the main interface, such as photos, music and text messages. If you just need to transfer the contacts, remember to remove the marks before other files. Then press “Start Copy” button to begin to transfer the contacts. The process will be finished in several clicks. After it is finished, press “OK” button.

nokia to android contacts

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